One of my happiest memories is sitting around the family dining table. My feet couldn't touch the ground and I could barely see over the tabletop. There was the hum of conversation between my family members but all I was focused on was mum pouring ladles of steaming pork bone soup into my bowl. Armed with my favourite spoon, I'd mash my rice right into the soup making sure I squashed all those soft garlic cloves and mixed everything up. I'm pretty sure I was in heaven.

Food, family, love; they're synonymous to me.

Food, family, love; they're synonymous to me. My Mum has always instilled respect, love and generosity in both my brother and I. The most significant way she did this was through food. Dinner time was always about eating together around a table as a family. The dining table was the one place where hurt was healed, joy was celebrated and troubles were solved.

Mum comes from a small village in East Malaysia. She came to Sydney, Australia in her late teenage years. Like most immigrants, she came with nothing but her strength of character. Eventually, Mum started her own business and a family. I don't think she ever expected that her daughter would join a reality TV show and make the Top 6 of MasterChef Australia 2017.

To me, food encompasses everything I treasure about my family.

My life had been ordinary; I'd grown up valuing family, education, hard work and respect. Little did I think that after obtaining both Actuarial and Law degrees, and working for a few years in huge multinational corporations that these values would steer me through one of the most incredible journeys of my life. Since about the age of 15, I've had an undeniable and unstoppable passion for food. To me, food encompasses everything I treasure about my family. On a whim, I applied to MasterChef Australia. I never thought I'd ever make it to episode one. However, I found myself standing in Finals Week and making the Top 6. This adventure changed me forever. I realised that it was possible to share the love, passion and excitement I have for food with the world.

Welcome to - I've got a lot of love to give and I hope you're ready for some amazing food adventures.